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Welcome to Daisy Dales !

                                               "Education is the Movement from Darkness to Light

Welcome to the world of children. A world where they are raised , nurtured and loved. At Daisy Dales, we believe that preschool years are the most important years of a child's education. Hence, we ensure the all-round development of children by laying equal emphasis on social, emotional, physical, and creative skills.

Daisy Dales is a reputed educational institution that fosters the development of children- physically, mentally, socially and psychologically. We pay utmost attention on the health of the kids and make sure that only a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet is consumed by the children to stimulate the development of the mind and body. We are a unique, nurturing kindergarten school with meals that are offered on a regular basis keeping in mind the taste, nutrition and food choices of children.

Children have their own language. To make them learn, to let them enjoy childhood, and to help them express themselves better, we need to understand them better. Our teachers and staff, with their years of experience and expertise, talk their language, make them feel comfortable, and give them immense love. And if it requires them to be like child, they are happy to do so.

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News paper is a encyclopedia in miniature.It seeks not only to informs but to interest,to stimulate, and to excite.Reading a newspaper makes a person fit to participate usefully in a cultivated society.

Dusshera Celebration
On the auspicious occasion of the victory of good over evil, may the color ,bliss and beauty of this festival be with u throughout the year. Daisian family wishes u all HAPPY DUSSHERA .

Innovation is a change that unlocks new value. Learning and innovation go hand in hand .To enhance the same concept lil ones will make beautiful things by using old CD's .

A innovative and joyful way of teaching the concept is by the means of Puppet Show with helps child to grasp and clear the concept in a better way.

"Always aim at complete harmony of thought, words and deeds." To foster a sense of responsibility for ones action ,thought and deeds A Special Assembly on Gandhi Jayanti will be organised .

Hindi is the soul of Indian Culture .It is the simplest source of expression of our nation. To make the habit of respecting our National Language, hindi recitation competition will be organised .

Wishes for SA-I
CREATE HISTORY , BE AMONG TOPPERS. Be patient and have confidence in yourself .Everything will go right at its place. All the best for exams from Daisian Family.

Learning is a joyous and continuous process that goes throughout life and Gurukul teaching plays an important role in life of children. So to enhance the same conepts in lil Pre Nursery made will make different alphabets with the use of dough.

Children need physical, emotional and social spur constantly to lead the ever so challenging day -to -day encounters A fun filled activity will be organized by Pogo Channel for all classes to learn the importance of healthy food, physical and mental exercises which will help them to become all rounders .

Puppet Show
Learning is always fruitful when taught with fun . Puppet show will be organized for lil Daisians to know about the world of animals .

Teachers Day Celebration
Coming from the land of Gurus and Gurukuls , India takes pride in the fact that it has produced so many revered and respected teachers in the world . Happy Teachers Day to our hardworking teachers from Daisian Family

My World of Colours
Coloring and drawing are fun ways for children to express their creativity and emotions .Various activities wrapped up with colours from Faber Castell unique Bulb shaped and First Grip Crayons will be conducted on September 1, that will help to stimulate and promote development of gross motor skills and eye -hand co-ordination.

Together We Can Week
To instill the virtues of unity ,oneness and togetherness amongst the children Daisians will celebrate this week by participating in various activities.

Janmashtami, is the birth of the Hindu deity Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu . Rasa lila re-creates the flirtatious aspects of Krishna's youthful days, the Dahi Handi celebrate God's playful and mischievous side, May the Natkhat Nand Lal always give you many reasons to be happy, healthy & prosperous; and may you find peace in Krishna consciousness. Happy Janmashtami!

Etiquette Week
Manners are like the shadows of virtues, they are the momentary display of those qualities which our fellow creatures love and respect. Daisians believe in incorporation of such values ......

A Sweet Bond of Love
A bond more precious and rare ,built on trust, nurtured with love,a gift from up above ....HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN

The Heritage Week
Freedom in the mind,faith in the words .Pride in our souls lets salute the Nation on this INDEPENDENCE DAY and do out a bit to make INDIA a better place .Legacy to live for and legacy to die for .

Cleanliness Week
Cleanliness is next to Godliness is the common proverb which promotes us to maintain cleanliness in our daily lives to get the feeling of well being. It is the responsibility of everyone to clean their respective surroundings and we Daisians also believe in the same .

"A healthy outside starts from the inside" In an effort to motivate our young learners to eat a balanced diet, a kitchenette activity for Daisians will be organised ..

Spell Bee Competition
It is common knowledge that English is most widely spoken official language in the world ,to cultivate and nurture their thirst for language specific knowledge DDI is organizing Speel Bee Competition to make learning a joyful and equally productive venture.

Slogan Writing
Books give a soul to the universe ,wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything .So lets sensitize the students with the concept of Value Of Books In Life.

Eat Good Feel Good
Fruits and vegetables are incredible and unique as they are healthy yet Delicious keeping this concept in mind fancy dress competition for Daisians was planned .

Story Telling
Self expression is an essence of happy life and to make our students able to express there views Story telling competition will be organised for Class I and II.

Forge Imagination - Clay Modelling
Magic of hands is God gifted .But enhancement of it ,is in our very own hands. To amplify this magic Daisians organized a "Clay Modelling Activity"for the little ones

Rhyme Competition
Rhymes speaks what cant be expressed ,soothes the mind and gives it rest ,heals the heart and makes it whole flow from heaven to the soul...Daisians love it .

Jal Hi Jiwan Hai
Water is not just essence but generation of life itself. Lets pledge to save water ...save life ...

Visit to Super market
Emphasizing on the fact that a healthy outside starts from inside , it is important that we eat a balanced diet.So lets sensitize the students about healthy eating in order to remain fit and active.

Hamari Naav Chali
Rain is not only drops of water it is the love of sky for Earth, they never meet each other , but sends love this way........ ENJOY THE LOVE OF NATURE by making beautiful Paper Boats

Say no to Plastics
Help New Visions Protect Our Earth Live green,LOVE green, be green ,we are just mankind......... without the earth we"re nothing. Daisians believe in REUSE, REDUCE ,RECYCLE

Green Revolution
Breathe Easy,lets plant some TREES. Learn character from trees, values from roots and changes from leaves.

Eid ul Fitr
Eid days are meant to celebrate the goals and the achievements that make you happiest. The ideals you believe in, the dream you love the best. Daisian family wishes you all EID MUBARAK.......

Stay Fit
"Yoga is a light ,which once lit,will never dim.The better your practice, the brighter the flame. "

Summer Vacation
Happiness is in the air. Long awaited summer holidays are again ready to welcome you with their warm showers. Life needs to be balanced between fun and work. Summer Holidays give a chance for students to relax. During holidays, leisure replaces work as a priority. You are filled with the enthusiasm to explore, travel and learn. Besides relaxing the students should keep in mind the execution of the assigned work in a well planned manner. Motivate your wards to interact with knowledgeable books that would in turn lead their minds to grow exclusively and in an effective manner. Happy Summer Vacations To All..!!

Mother's Day
Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. Come, let’s give a tribute to our mothers with our love and adoration..

Earth day
The earth is what we all have in common. Wishing you all the very Happy Earth Day!! Go Green,, that's what we mean, Go Blue, as Earth grows with you..!!

Baisakhi Celebration
The call of the Koel, The aroma of ripped wheat, The Dhol beats reverberate in the air.. The jovial spirit breaks into a lively dance. It's Baisakhi!! It's Baisakhi!!

Take a step forward towards the new world of exploring.. A new life, a new beginning for the children where they are welcome with arms wide open. The second home, a family of the child, that is school.. Daisian family welcomes the little ones to their own brand new planet of love.. Date: 4th April, 2016 Timings: 9.30 am -10.30 am

Holi Celebration
From the lanes of Mathura and Vridavana, the colors of Holi have spread all over the country. These colors also carry the message of love, brotherhood, and truth. Daisian family wishes you all a very HAPPY HOLI!!

Proceeding Day
Term End Result for the Academic Session 2015-16 and purchase of new books and uniform on 18th March 2016.

Summative Assessment-2
"Don't stress, Do your best, Forget the Rest." 'All the Best' SA- 2 begins from Feb 26 to March 11..

Basant Panchami Celebration
Goddess Saraswati is the light of hope and peace.Let's celebrate this festival with bountiful happiness.

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• Fully Air Conditioned, Highly Secured and Hygienic Environment.

• Stimulating and Colorful Interior.

• Swimming Pool for Toddlers.

• Managed by Eminent and Renowned Educationists.

• Gracious Mentors.

• Activity Based Curriculum.

• Smart Multimedia and Internet Based Teaching.

• Child Friendly Stress Free Atmosphere.

• Celebrations, Regular Excursions and Picnics.